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Khash – fantastic ketogenic bone broth that stops joint inflammation!

Khash is an ancient type of bone broth from Armenia, which is consumed widely throughout the Caucasus region The word Khash means something like a decoction. It is a strong and tasty soup that … Continue reading

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Abyssinia Barefoot

Originally posted on Ahcuah:
The 1800s were a big time for English voyagers to travel the world and then write up their adventures. Mansfield Parkyns went to Abyssinia (nowadays Ethiopia…

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Hara training – Aikido techniques for making coffee

It drives me crazy! Every time i make espresso in my old coffee maker i spill precious drops on the kitchen table while pouring coffee in the cup… Should I … Continue reading

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Are you aware of your breathing?

The touch of a smiling engineer I’m often asked this 1000 dollar question – with a light touch of smile. What makes my mental training system so outstandingly different from … Continue reading

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Mental training by relaxed concentration – while making love?

10.000 hours to mastery Experts say that it takes approximately 10.000 hours to obtain mastery in your preferred field of activity. But does it mean that these hours must only … Continue reading

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Uncover your innermost urge – but start with WHY

WHY? – is a core question, an innermost one. Why do I do what I do – work with centering, focus/defocus, balance, breathing techniques? Why do I practice my daily … Continue reading

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Tennis excellence and Pareto distribution

For one year go I took something people call a big decision. I decided to become the best tennis player in the world. Ok.. let me narrow it down. I … Continue reading

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HOW vs. WHAT – the happy power of staying in HARA

The HOW is way more important then the WHAT because it has built-in a couple of evolutionary aspects of the PROCESS – sensing and learning. Thats why HOW is not … Continue reading

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Zen and the Samurai

En god historie fra “Zen and the Samurai” af D.T.Suzuki. Tsukahara Bokuden, en af ​​Japans mest berømte samuraier (1489-1571), ønskede at teste evner til selvforsvar hos sine tre sønner, som … Continue reading

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Training system for musicians to help athletes and sick

Here’s a freshly pressed article about about my DancingSword school in a local danish newspaper. Here’s a translation, original link is in the bottom. Training system for musicians to help athletes and … Continue reading

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