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We have now got Klaus Menzer on drums!

I’m a very glad man… our drummer is called Klaus Menzer… again!!!
I’ve been playing with Klaus before – with Michael Friis on bass, but then Michael moved to Bornholm and I had to find a good bass player… and it took time…
But our repertoire is built up again. Me and Pepe rehearsed twice a week since we met in October 2005. Then we felt like finding a good drummer. And we succeeded – we found the best one! Klaus has played with Sneakers, Sanne Salomonsen, Moonjam, Burning Red Ivanhoe, Ridin’ Thumb, One Two, Drori Hansen, Erann DD among others. He is also on the new DVD Danish Drum Legends!
Welcome to Klaus!!!

Here’s a couple of obscure pictures of my previous gigs with Klaus ;))

Klaus Menzer on drums, Michael Friis on bass:
a world class backing group…

Klaus Menzer on drums – this time with Thomas Fonnesbæk on bass.



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