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UPDATE!! How much does a home concert cost?

Here’s a little but important update concerning home concerts.

Of course it is all up to you as a Host/hostess if you are willing to invite your friends to a private party and pay for all costs yourself.

BUT – you can also ask your guests to pay a minimum amount of money (50-100 DKK each) to cover the expenses for the musicians and to keep the music alive (this arrangement is only possible for solo concert).

Performance time can vary from 30 min up to 2 sets, 45 min each. I can play solo or duo with Klaus Menzer on percussion (known from Sneakers, Savage Rose, Sanne Salomonsen, Anisette, Burning Red Ivanhoe).

A home concert reveals an obvious presence of intimacy and fellowship. This atmosphere makes the borderline between artists and guests invisible. A Home Concert is definitely worth recommending!
Contact me and get a fair treatment ;))



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