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Good concert at Drop Inn yesterday!

It was nice playing at Drop Inn in Copenhagen last night!

My respeeect to people who came in to see our funky late sunday night show!!
Place is well known fot its nice athmosphere, good music and vast selection of whiskies! It was a big night for me for two reasons.

I tried my new instrument setup for the first time. My new full scale Washburn Montgomery J6 jazz guitar with humbucker pickups custom wound by Fedor Chernyshev, pickup expert of Shamray Guitars in Moscow. Custom electronics made by Henrik Thomsen at BassLab in Copenhagen. Those pickups are special because they split my guitar signal in two. The pair of lower guitar strings go into their own output, which is plugged into the GallienKrueger bass combo. Other 4 string are split and go directly to the Fender Jazzman guitar combo. So… I’m actually a bass-guitar duo. Which could in the long run possibly mean expensive shrinks…
Last night it went OK… but it was actually three of us… I warned you…

We.. I mean.. I played with Jonathan Aisen, fantastic drummer, better known from bands like Klezmofobia (DK) and Tummel (SE). We rehearsed only a couple of times before the show, but according to our audience it looked and sounded like we were enjoying playing together, it was sheer fun – Jonathan is very energetic and dynamic musician! I’m looking forward to play with him.
Misha 😉


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