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Download Misha’s new videos NOW!!

Hi all 😉
Here’s a couple of new videos of my songs.
It’s high quality (at least bit-wise 🙂 so they are quite big, about 20megs each.
It will take a while to download them:

MOV videos can be viewed if you have QuickTime installed. You can install QuickTime here – http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/
MP4 videos can be viewed e.g. if you have an iPod.I made videos for booking purposes, I’m looking forward to play in a couple of clubs in NYC in october ;))
Hugs – and good summer to you all!!
Misha Sakharoff
PS: I will appreciate your feedback here in the blog ;))


One comment on “Download Misha’s new videos NOW!!

  1. Rex
    September 3, 2007

    Hi Misha,

    You are a incredible and very unike singer playing fantastic good with your guitar which is very special special when you are playing normal guitar with those bas rythm at the same time. It really sounds good e.g. when you are playing reggae.

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