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NYC Day 1 – What’s YOUR picture of New York?

The Dreams
“So… It’s your first time… What’s your picture of New York?” – was one of the first questions I’ve been asked after I landed on the back seat of my friend Vassily’s brand new Mercedes, flanked by my two guitar gigbags on a way from Newark airport. Well… a good question, I grinned. Actually, I was dreaming to visit The Big Apple right from the time when I first discovered jazz music in my teenager years in Moscow. Listening to Ella and Joe Pass, imagining some bright restaurant hall with stylish waiters somewhere in Broadway, or some energetic bop session playing Charlie Parker’s fluent Scrapple From The Apple theme at some cool and hazy jazz den. The word New York was not a name for a city, rather for a concept of freedom and strength, a city of broad avenues, neon lights, big money, skyscrapers and vintage cars. The dream city of contrasts, populated by businessmen on the one side and jazzers on the other. Too faraway from the soviet style, those surroundings was just hard to actualize. This picture was potent enough to survive until today, when its imaginary state was going to be heavily confronted, according to my plans…

The Picture
To make a strong statement that my vacation to The Big Apple was about to begin, I gave my colleagues a couple of apple pies on thursday afternoon. Do you know that glorious “Haha… I’m not with you anymore” feeling, you get on your job the last day before going on vacation… ?! The apple pie perfectly rounds up the scenery, forcing the colleagues’ acceptance of the fact that you leave early that day…
I promised a couple of guys to update my blog every day during my trip. Enjoying the evidence of my own smartness, I realized, that giving this promise to someone else – other than myself, would make it easier to hold.
A good blog has to be supported with good pictures. I was eager to start using my brand new Canon IXUS75 instead of the litlle 2 megapix of my handheld PDA, which is handy enough to have as a phone, but just not OK for the fancy blog like mine.
According to my brains, the minimum requirements for the good First Picture of NYC has to include skyscrapers, neon lights, a broad avenue with the ocean of cars and the crowd. It should document dreams coming through – as they are, and as they have always been. It should document dreams in their untouched virginity…

The reality
Well… What can I say… Hours has passed. We managed to buy some nice food at grocery store, nurturing my hope to survive at least physically during this 2 weeks in NYC. We made an improvised dinner for three at the flat in Secaucus, a very nice and quiet place laying beautifully across a salt marsh area only 7 miles from Manhattan. A nice big flat my friend’s beautiful wife Ksu gave to my full disposal during my stay. The night’s program featured a “NYC by night drive”, with Vas guiding and showing the way at a passenger seat, and Ksu continually helping with the advices on how to avoid the untamed yellow cabs. Afterwards we were invited to a genuine loft party just in front of The Knitting Factory Club building . The loft was populated with “friendly painters” (as a complete opposite to “enemy combattants”) – perfect audience for my first NYC performing experience…
The night drive through NYC from Tribeca (syllabic abbreviation of a part of Manhattan meaning “Triangle Below Canal Street”) to Secaucus on the other side of Hudson River, perfectly rounded up my first day in NYC. For the first time in my life I was driving a brand NEW Mercedes given to my full disposal by my friend Vas during my stay! Needless to say I was stunned by all this… I landed in Secaucus after a 1,5 hour drive instead of 20 minutes, as it was specified in the hand written plan beautifully painted by an artistic friend of mine…
What can I say…?? Beautiful friends, beautiful city, beautiful car, beautiful day!! “Who could ask for anything more?”, as George and Ira Gershwin put it rhetorically in one of the beautiful examples of their musical brotherhood…

More Picture
Well… back to the pictures and the struggle and the reality… During the whole day I was repeatedly trying to remind myself of that brand new piece of japanese high tech in my pocket, waiting for “the real NYC” shot.
It’s pretty hot here in the end of October, so my jacket with the camera was at the backseat of the car. And in the end of the day I was struggling with traffic lights, myriads of unexpected traffic signs, my jet lag, police cars continuously popping up out of nowhere – and cops figuring out what my “strictly 25mph” driving attitude was about…

Wrap up… Picture 1 was taken at 3AM at night, Picture 2 at 7AM and Picture 3 at 9AM this morning.
It features Manhattan skyline as I see it…

More reality
This colourful attempt to defy the writing block is about being finished. I have to get something to eat and move my ass towards the new explorations. I hear phone ringing. That early… ??
It could only mean that Vas has no hangover this time, I said to my self, feeling growing respect for my old comrade.
What I hear is a voice machine, stating with mechanically indifferent voice: “The purpose of this call is to explore ffinancial possibilities of….”. Fuck OFFF, it’s my morning!!!!!
10 minutes after a new call… now a very polite and smiling man voice “Calling from the NYC newspaper distribution company. MAAAM, would you be interested in ….

More following
Misha 😉
9AM, saturday morning, NYC


4 comments on “NYC Day 1 – What’s YOUR picture of New York?

  1. Peer Lund
    October 22, 2007

    Ej! Hvor jeg glæder mig på dine vegne!

  2. misha
    October 22, 2007

    Det er også en fed oplevelse at være her!
    Har sunget This Song Is In Honour Of You i går – folk var meget glade for den 😉

  3. Jerzy
    October 23, 2007

    Hej Misjuga
    Hvor er jeg misunderlig!
    Det er næsten 10 år siden jeg har været dér. Hvilken fed stemning i GW med de små clubs og milioner mennesker på gaden.
    Glæder mig til at se billeder…når du kommer hjem (til Danmark)… for indtil videre er der bare Error 404 fra linket. Har prøvet både med IE under Windoz og FF under Linux.
    Kan du gøre noget ved det?

  4. Jerzy
    October 23, 2007


    Jeg har fundet ud af.
    Linket skal være http://picasaweb.google.dk/redgroove/NYC20210ctober2007

    Deb sidste del af url peger på NYCOctober2007

    Flere pix, pls


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