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NYC Day 2 – Misunderstanding fundamental truth (some people call it cheating)

First let me say – Thanks for reading my first day in NYC blog story yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet, then please read it first before proceeding with this one….

I told everybody I met yesterday about my blog, inclusive my friend Vas. I was really proud…
Vas said that he really liked it… …. But something was wrong t
hough, he said….
What do you mean? Wrong what, I asked??
… It’s something about the fundamental truth…. I think… you must have misunderstood something, he answered…

The Manhattan skyline you wrote about…. it wasn’t what you thought it was….

It was a bit overwhelming for me to hear that kind of nonsense from one I thought was my good friend…
I remembered one of those funny pictures… this kind which daily succeed to break through the company firewalls and spread around to all the mail inboxes – in spite of very strong security politics implemented by network department. I learned that this kind of pictures is always being sent by some of the guys from a company’s network administration team… at lest in the company I work with…

The picture I remembered was about Chinese restaurant… It depicted a table with some used service, two sticky used chop sticks and two hands unwrapping one of those small chinese fortune cookies. This little piece of paper claimed: “…It wasn’t chicken…”

This guy with the chop sticks, he apparently loved Chinese cuisine…
Nevertheless, was he misunderstanding some fundamental truth…

Vas contnued, – It wasn’t Manhattan on your picture. You were so excited about your story that you forgot something… The appartment’s windows are heading north, Manhattan is south from Secaucus… The skyscrapers you saw were New Jersey City

My friend made my a liar…
Well… Let’s change the theme…

Tonight at 10.30PM for the first time in my life, I’m going to play for a bunch of native Americans -!!!!
I’m gonna perform at The Bitter End in
Greenwich Village, NYC. It’s a club claiming to be the oldest NYC rock scene with a spectacular list of performers from Stevie Wonder, Johnny Mitchell, and Tracy Chapman to Woody Allen and Mohammad Ali…

Especially the last two must have had fun together…

I’m lucky enough to get a whole 30min slot at Singer-Songwriter Sessions of www.nysongwriters.com!
Let’s see how many natives are going to show up….

Remember this piece of Russian humor?

– Rabinovitch, I heard rumours… you started playing in a genuine negro jazz band… ??!!
It’s fantastic! How many real black people are you playing with??
– Me and Haimovitz…
What about the others????
– The others are jews….

Wish me luck tonight ;))


PS: “A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar”
A good one! Mark Twain was a true wise man…


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