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Multitasking made easy – make your priorities!

It can be difficult for all us people to perform multiple tasks at once. This is also true for musicians. If we want to reach our goals without getting stressed we must prioritize 🙂 In that case we might consider what role we must prioritize at the given moment.

Prioritization can be done based on various criteria. Let’s say we want to combine playing bass and chords at the same time. Let us imagine that one of the tasks is somewhat routine and the second requires full attention.

Guitar: Learning a funky groove with bass and chords at the same time. Sounds difficult? Well – learn it through your body! First be able to sing it, make the mouth percussion. Get the rhythm into your body – dance it.

If you are one of those visual people, needing to see everything – before you can play it? Well, no problem at all! Just slow the groove down to make it easier to analyze – and slice it into small chunks. How? You can slice the 4-beat into 8th or 16th  notes. Write them down on paper as small strokes – 8 or 16. Then map the rhythm onto the strokes with two different marks – one for bass, one for chords.  Here you go – you now have a written image of your rhythm – now you can help your body with its task by visualizing it. If you are trained enough – you can always use a few extra marks – for different percussion kinds of percussion.

Piano: Imagine that you play a piece where your left hand plays both bass and chords and in your right hand you must play a heartfelt melody that you just have to feel throughout. What do you do?

One good thing to start with is to go down in tempo and try to take it in small chunks and distribute your attention between your left and right hand. But there is also another option. You can choose to stat learning your left hand part by heart – so that you do not have to look to the left at all. So you play both bass and chords in your left hand alone with your eyes closed. Your attention  can from now on be focused on another task that you now can feel through with all your soul.

Learning by prioritizing is an ongoing process but it pays – because your creativity and your musicality will unfold much more being focused like that.

We just mentioned a few tools for learning how to perform several things at once, or multitasking – using our body, visualizing, slowing down, prioritizing.

There is a lot of tools that can help you on your way reaching your goals. One of them is trying to imagine that your task is really feasible – and many people have done it before you. Many blind people have learned to play instruments not being able – by natural reasons – to look at their left or right hand – and not even be able to see the keyboard or fingerboard. Their only road towards learning was feeling their instruments all the way, feeling the music and trusting themselves – deeply believing in their own abilities.  Trusting their heart was their only way, their only possibility.

So… everything may be trained – if we dance it slowly and with our eyes and our heart wide open 🙂

C’mon let’s get started 🙂


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