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Use your body – in a funky way!

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Why should it? And how can I anyway?
You play with your hands and fingers – and not with your body!

I will ask a couple of counter questions:
– Why does Camilla Wozniacki use her whole body when she plays – you are playing holding the racquet with your hands, aren’t you?!
– Why does Stevie Wonder jump and dance as crazy with his whole body when he sings – you are singing with your mouth, don’t you?!

The answer is that the thing the best sports people and the best musicians have in common is that they can use the body as a whole. It is one of the things that make them able to provide maximum impact – both physically, mentally, expression and emotionally.

In the context of teaching, I may ask a student singer to sing while writhing on the floor. I may ask her to sing while “doing hard work” or doing crazy gestures  while singing. This exercises are specifically aimed for freeing up tight and unfree bodies – and to teach students to avoid wearing down the body.

By learning my students already in the beginning how to involve the whole body in their music, I give them better understanding of the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Being able to see the whole and not only the detail is an important feature in all of the contexts of life – and the main idea of the holistic view on things.

Practice making physical movements with your body to support your musicality. Notice if it have any effect on your music. Breathe deeply. Relax. Let your shoulders sink. Let your soul live physically into the music.  How does it feel now?

Video below illustrates what I’m talking about – in its quite extreme consequence 🙂

A few practical tips for getting started
If the task feels hard, try to feel your body. The place that feels hard – give your body the opportunity to help you – add a little movement at the right place in your body – the movement that feels right or redemptive 🙂 Practice it a little bit. Notice if it have any effect on your music. Do you feel more comfortable with this particular place now?

In order to do learn this practice you must learn to give your body some attention. This can be trained by noticing the different parts of your body – how it feels right now? And if I do this movement a little bit different?  Can I help my body in any way – right now? You will get your “effort” many folded back later, next time you encounter a difficult or problematic situation – and you’ll need help from your body.

A couple of practical hints to help you coming closer to the idea:
– Breathe a little shallower right before you act,
– Turn your body slightly together with your arm or your fingers to help them coming in time,
– Get closer to the keyboard (piano) and fingerboard (guitar) to stress your attention on the task,
– Make the curve of your wrist even clearer, so the fingers are naturally closer to the task
– And many other things or small steps that you can freely experiment with 🙂

Pax et bonum 🙂


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