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On Stress/ 1 – Deadlines and Stress – How is Your Belly Supposed to Feel?

A strange thing happened yesterday.. I gave myself a short one hour deadline for writing a little blog article. After having published I went to a walk in the nearby forest with my dog. Suddenly I felt that something was wrong with my belly. The lower part of my lungs was somehow blocked and the abdominal muscles felt very stiff and tense. It’s been a really long time since I last felt something like this. This feeling was somehow very well known, and it made my alarm clock ring right away. It was a reminiscence from my earlier life as project manager with big load of responsibility and complicated family life issues filled with tense personal relationship and illness. The same things that made me look onto moving my attention to stress control via breathing reconditioning and ki-energy training. It’s actually incredible that this alarm clock reacts so precisely to a kind of stressful situation my body has experienced before. At the same time it’s really nice to acknowledge that “my own medicine” works again – 5 minutes walking with concentration on centering breathing and hara presence and I was back. My belly muscles were relaxed into my normal centered state again.

Question was – what should I learn from this? Well.. it could be several things. Maybe being more concentrated while writing – not answering the phone, not being disrupted by new mails ticking in and the Facebook updates. Or extend my own deadlines – now when I’m my own boss… Or it could be both.


And the training does work! For breathing retraining we use Buteyko method for stopping chronic hyperventilation enriched with ki and hara training elements as known from Kung-Fu and Aikido tradition. I just had a fantastic experience of reversing and stopping asthma with one of my mental training pupils, an athlete playing soccer on elite level every day. Now she is able to do it without asthma induced interruptions for spraying astma medicine. As I always recommend to train breathing while being physically active, we found that the right exercising spot for her would be the time she spent daily on biking to school and to soccer training. We made a customized exercise which she trained every day. Bettering of asthma symptoms came already after one week of training with smooth reversal and cure after 3 months. Training during moderate physical activity with nasal-only breathing (mouth closed during workout) is most effective and leads not only to quicker reconditioning of automatic breathing patterns but also to overall increase of endurance and stamina as a side effect. So my pupil got mental training, reversal of chronic disease and stronger stamina – all in one process.

On the first session this pupil admitted that she never tried having relaxed belly while walking before! And it was the most important place to start training as there is a powerful connection between relaxed belly and the ability to withstand stress. Tight belly makes normal abdominal breathing with calming prevalence of parasympathetic part of autonomic nerve system wander upwards and transform into breast breathing with prevalence of sympathetic pressing your body and mind into alarmed state which slowly become chronic an the “new norm” for you. So the abnormal breathing pattern 24/7 leads to chronic stress for the whole body and overtime this results in chronic illness.

Ok. But how to reverse it? Maybe you could start asking your own belly 😉

Have a nice weekend!

PS: Free seminars next week in Fredensborg – wednesdays and thursdays at 19.00.
– DancingSword peak performance training program
– Buteyko breathing normalization system for endurance and reversal of chronical diseases

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Misha Sakharoff
DancingSword.dk – Mind & Body Mastery for Sport and Life


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