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Training system for musicians to help athletes and sick

Here’s a freshly pressed article about about my DancingSword school in a local danish newspaper. Here’s a translation, original link is in the bottom.

Training system for musicians to help athletes and sick
Misha Sakharoff, Fredensborg, is riding two horses: Music Teaching and Mental Training. The latter is also for athletes and business people.

Misha Sakharoff, 46-year-old music teacher and owner of MusikskolePLUS at Højvangen 6 in Fredensborg, opens new business.

Sakharoff has for years alongside working as a musician and music teacher worked as a mental coach for both the musicians, singers and athletes – among them his son Leo, 15 years old, who has just signed a contract with the professional squad of FCN (FC North Zealand).

“My training system is about control of the focus and centering in the self prior to every activity, but it’s also about being able to turn the thinking off and be fully present in the moment when you perform. And it’s basic, natural techniques that can be used by anyone, “says Misha.

Misha Sakharoff (far right) making a training session in the woods.
Photo: Carsten Legaard

A dancing sword
Misha has chosen to market its activities as a coach under the name Dancing sword:

“Dance is the ultimate use of the body, and the sword symbolizes strength. My training system works with both body and psyche, “says Misha.

Through his work he discovered that something as simple as mastery of breathing can reduce tension and stress, provide increased focus and improve your performance. Also in the example. asthmatics, diabetics or people with chronic pain.

Pain out of focus
“The most thought-provoking results I’ve had with people who suffer from asthma, stress and chronic depression. They learn how chronic stress destroys breathing, which causes profound physiological changes and depending on one’s genetic code transforms to one or another chronic illness as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, nerve disorders and other lifestyle diseases. So I tutor through a transformation process to get the symptoms to diminish and slow to fight back the disease. ”

“The method was invented in Russia in 1950’s, is scientifically proven and has over the past 60 years shown a remarkable physiological effect by giving thousands of people full recovery. And by the way, the invention has Danish roots also, since it rests on a scientific discovery made in 1904 by Professor of Physiology, Christian Bohr – Niels Bohr’s father “, emphasizes Misha Sakharoff.

Misha came to Denmark from his home town of Moscow in 1989 under a scholarship at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He fell for both the Danish lifestyle and the well-developed jazz environment and emigrated. With the travel luggage Misha had a military experience from the former Red Army, training as an engineer and a musical education from the School of Jazz in Moscow. In Denmark, he has been working as an engineer and certified project manager in the telecom industry before he became independent in 2009 with his hobby – music and mental training.

Four free lectures
Misha Sakharoff holds four open lectures at his school’s address Højvangen 6 in Fredensborg. It is free to attend but places are limited, and if you are interested register please by mail to misha@dancingsword.dk. Dates are Wednesday 1 august, Thursday 2 august, Wednesday 8 August and Thursday 9 august, every day at. 19th

– by Carsten Legaard

Original link in Danish:

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Misha Sakharoff
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