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HOW vs. WHAT – the happy power of staying in HARA

escher_cubeThe HOW is way more important then the WHAT because it has built-in a couple of evolutionary aspects of the PROCESS – sensing and learning. Thats why HOW is not constant and tends to change dynamically during the well-established process. Thus the HOW tends to become your own and only – finely tuned to your own PROCESS. The outcome of the PROCESS established in this way is WHAT, which is also very dynamic – as you harvest the WHAT ‘during’ and not at ‘the end’ of your PROCESS. Actually ‘the end’ doesn’t exist as long as we work with visions which are evolutionary – in contrast to the strictly defined goals, targets and deadlines which are generally static. This fact makes major difference as it helps avoiding one of the biggest drawbacks of the goal-based work – THE END-POINT FALLACY. This concept is one of the main characteristics of goals/deadlines and describes the tendency or habitude of establishing a new goal immediately after reaching the (already old) goal. The problem is that the HAPPINESS can not really thrive with this concept. Things are very much different as long as we naturally enjoy the dynamical FLOW of PROCESS – thus making the PROCESS a self-containing entity of HAPPINESS, rooted in the HARA center – the vital center of man. And who could ask for anything more…


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