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Are you aware of your breathing?

The touch of a smiling engineer
I’m often asked this 1000 dollar question – with a light touch of smile. What makes my mental training system so outstandingly different from the others?

I feel that now its time to put it straight and simple – as much as it is possible for a former engineer 🙂

I’ll try to picture it from the point of my own experience.

Double fault

Double fault

Three double faults
Let’s say I’m on tennis court. Serving a third double fault. Previously I would try to help the situation with strong energizing words, swapping my negative thoughts with positive vibes, visualising, changing strategy, tactics and so on. My experience showed that the effectiveness of this “thought mastery” is not good enough.

One pointed attention
Over time I came to the conclusion that the only thing that really works for me is holding one pointed attention. I now can be 100% sure that it will provide me with best possible performance I’m capable of at this particular moment and place. To the extent where It actually never fails.

Curiosity killed the cat.
But the it saved me from lots of trouble and furthermore – connected me with the innermost joy of live action. From full presence on tennis court or musical stage performance to staying calm during acute everyday life situations or fully immersing in intimacy. Built-in curiosity of my engineering background has over time stregthened me mentally by understanding physiology. Over time I learned how.

It’s simply mechanical
The simplified mechanics of this are as follows. My attention or my focus goes nowhere else than to my belly – more exactly the Hara point. My training has overtime made this place to a kind of control center unifying all ressources of my body – both physiological and mental.

Mind following the body
Physiological because Hara lays in a point where particular muscles have direct and effective interconnection with all the main body systems. The most important of them being the diafragm and the psoas muscles.

Mental because focusing on the Hara point enables sensing instead of thinking. These two modes of being can not coexist. The latter can be expressed in many ways, eg. as put by a coach on the 5 dances workshop – “When you are not aware that you are breathing, you are in your ego”.

Do you have any personal experience on breathing awareness? Please feel free to comment and share 🙂

Misha Sakharoff, Ki-Kaizen instructor


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