Mind & Body Mastery for Sports, Music and Life – SAKHAROFF.COM

About Misha Sakharoff

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1966.
Peak performance trainer – Interest in personal development and experience as project manager, coach / teacher, musician and activity in sports have over the years led to the formulation of Dancing Word – mental training embodied.
Therapist – Buteyko VEDB (Voluntary Elimination of Deep Breathing)
Athlete – tennis, kettlebells, kungfu, aikido, Tibetan yoga.
Musician – singer, guitarist, double bass player, pianist, songwriter and composer: www.misha.info
Mastermind coach – Owner of private music school and embodied mental training/ peak performance training business where education is built on holistic principles. Read more at: musikskolePLUS.dk and dancingSword.dk.

My current mentors: Baard Owe – ToDo, Aikido, KungFu
Sergey Altukhov – Buteyko VEDB
Work Experience – Trained engineer, translator, certified IPMA-C project. Consultant, business developer and project manager in various companies in the telecommunications industry, officials of Finance, owns a business in the translation industry. Experience with process improvement, concept, strategy and visioning. Now an independent consultant and lecturer. Read more on LinkedIn.

 – Read more at: www.fingerstyle.dk.
Author – read my blog on personal development.

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