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Training system for musicians to help athletes and sick

Here’s a freshly pressed article about about my DancingSword school in a local danish newspaper. Here’s a translation, original link is in the bottom. Training system for musicians to help athletes and … Continue reading

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Asthma is common among Olympic athletes! – The big question is WHY?

Just read an article this morning saying that the big part of the modern top athletes have asthma. Article quotes that more than 20 percent of the U.S. Olympic team competing … Continue reading

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On Stress/ 1 – Deadlines and Stress – How is Your Belly Supposed to Feel?

A strange thing happened yesterday.. I gave myself a short one hour deadline for writing a little blog article. After having published I went to a walk in the nearby … Continue reading

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On Ki/ 1 – Dead vs. Living Stillness – Can You Win the Battle?

I just returned from the trip to Russia with my juniors. Fantastic trip rewarded with the joy of meeting my family and a bunch of new books in russian. BTW … Continue reading

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Buteyko Åndedræts-optimering/ 2 – Hvad kan den Gøre for dit Helbred og Sport?

Kan man ændre sin automatiske ubevidste vejrtrækningsmønster 24/7? Kan man få sin vejrtrækning til at arbejde på at forbedre dine præstationer i hverdagen? Kan man forbedre sin immunforsvar ved at … Continue reading

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Buteyko Åndedræts-optimering/ 1 – Kan man få en garanti mod kræft?

Her er en lille video som behandler et vigtigt emne – Kan man få en garanti mod kræft? Og hvis ja – hvad skal der til? Denne video omhandler dr.Buteyko’s metode … Continue reading

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On Stress/ 1 – Head-based Motivation of Goals vs. Integrated Inspiration of Process

Head physics This world is physical… Well… ok, let’s say mostly physical. At the risk of over-simplifying something that is very complex, I postulate that the most part of the … Continue reading

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