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Hara training – Aikido techniques for making coffee

It drives me crazy! Every time i make espresso in my old coffee maker i spill precious drops on the kitchen table while pouring coffee in the cup… Should I … Continue reading

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Uncover your innermost urge – but start with WHY

WHY? – is a core question, an innermost one. Why do I do what I do – work with centering, focus/defocus, balance, breathing techniques? Why do I practice my daily … Continue reading

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HOW vs. WHAT – the happy power of staying in HARA

The HOW is way more important then the WHAT because it has built-in a couple of evolutionary aspects of the PROCESS – sensing and learning. Thats why HOW is not … Continue reading

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Zen and the Samurai

En god historie fra “Zen and the Samurai” af D.T.Suzuki. Tsukahara Bokuden, en af ​​Japans mest berømte samuraier (1489-1571), ønskede at teste evner til selvforsvar hos sine tre sønner, som … Continue reading

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Buteyko Åndedræts-optimering/ 2 – Hvad kan den Gøre for dit Helbred og Sport?

Kan man ændre sin automatiske ubevidste vejrtrækningsmønster 24/7? Kan man få sin vejrtrækning til at arbejde på at forbedre dine præstationer i hverdagen? Kan man forbedre sin immunforsvar ved at … Continue reading

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Buteyko Åndedræts-optimering/ 1 – Kan man få en garanti mod kræft?

Her er en lille video som behandler et vigtigt emne – Kan man få en garanti mod kræft? Og hvis ja – hvad skal der til? Denne video omhandler dr.Buteyko’s metode … Continue reading

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On Stress/ 1 – Head-based Motivation of Goals vs. Integrated Inspiration of Process

Head physics This world is physical… Well… ok, let’s say mostly physical. At the risk of over-simplifying something that is very complex, I postulate that the most part of the … Continue reading

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